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It all started in the summer of 2016. I had asked a question about how to become a travel agent on a travel orientated Facebook group. After being inspired by them and what they do for their clients, I researched for months on how to become a reputable travel agent. After half a year of researching and starting a blog for a Social Media Marketing class, I finally decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, to help people make their dream vacations a reality. So with my decision set, I began training with Cruises and Tours Unlimited to become the expert in my specialties and I couldn't be happier!

Closing in 2018 due to personal endeavors I decided to re-open Once Upon a Dream Destinations again to be of service again as the world returns to travel. I am here to make you start your vacations the minute you contact me. My guests deserve high quality service and with me, that is exactly what you are going to get. Here’s to many more years traveling with you!